Deploy Strapi web application

@mpstaton is discussing here: How do we include a partner engineer on this forum for Strapi?

But to answer your points or concerns in this thread:

If you didn’t write that piece of code and can’t debug the issues with it, I think it’s a little unfair to expect that from us too. Even we’re not the ones who wrote anything here. We cannot debug what 3rd parties have written either.

This is a fairly incorrect argument. A lot of things would work locally because there’s a big difference between your local system and the production systems here. While ideally, it should work, but not just because it works locally. There might be bits and pieces to change before getting it work online.

We do care about that. You can see 1000s of posts on these forums where people complain about Netlify features not working as documented and we either:

  • find and fix the bug
  • help users workaround it
  • point out the errors in the userland side of things which can help them solve the issue
  • sometimes accept it as a limitation
  • file a feature request

Just because we sponsor something, we can’t start providing support for it. It won’t scale for our Support team as Netlify itself is a big product to completely learn about. Our Support team would have to be so big that we can then divide the team into “experts” of a particular area who only handle that area. Then we can possibly start providing support for things we sponsor.

Regarding advertising seamless deploment, I’d like to see what you’re referring to. Mind sharing the resources that advertised that? I don’t see anything in our official docs that talk about this.

Also when you make it sound like Netlify doesn’t care, that sounds like a pretty rude statement to make when asking for help the first time about an issue.