Deploy Status Badge "Netlify Failed"

New content is not getting published the status badge says failed. I am using Netlify CMS for the first time. The resource database is connected via 'AirTable" and ‘BitBucket’ as code repository.

Kindly support and advice.

hi there, without a bit more detail it is challenging to debug. Which site is this concerning? Have you had a successful update? Do you have any screenshots we can see?

Hi there, Glad you responded. Here is one screenshot. I look forward to your support in solving this.

There’s a missing module named encoding. If it’s a Node Module, add it to your package.json.

Thank you @hrishikesh. Can you kindly give me some step by step notes, how can i do so? Thanks again. Btw, how do i know if its a Node Module.

If you found it on NPM website, it’s a Node Module. If not, you might have created it yourself and the path to the module might or wrong or the module might not exist in your repo at all.

There’s nothing much to do. In the dependencies object of your package.json add the module with the required version in the same format as other dependencies (usually: "dependencyName": "version".

@hrishikesh . Thanks again… Kindly see the screenshot and advice plz.

Try this:

"dependencies: {
    "encoding": "0.1.3"
...other dependencies 
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@hrishikesh . It worked Sir! I am honestly grateful to you and this community. I am so happy !!! You all are really very helpful !!!

Glad it’s working! Have a nice day!

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