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Deploy production site working but not custom domain with contentful

Hi, I have a custom domain with namecheap and set up the DNS with Netlify. It works since I was able to publish a website directly to my domain blakemchale.com initially.

I’ve recently been trying to change my website from pure gatsby to gatsby and contentful. Here’s a link to the production website blakemchale.netlify.app that was deployed. As you can see it works correctly under the netlify subdomain but not my custom DNS. It registers the build on my custom DNS and shows the icon in the tab but does not fill in any data on the page.

There are no build errors and as I mentioned before if I change it to my previous website design the custom DNS works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Welcome to the forums @blakermchale

I’ve looked at both the netlify.app and custom domain version of your site. I see no difference in terms of content or usability.

This is my https://blakemchale.netlify.app/ on the left and https://www.blakemchale.com/ on the right. It’s just blank for my custom DNS.

Is this what you saw on your end?

Suggest trying a different browser, private/incognito window. Your custom domain points to your Netlify domain, so the same content it getting served.

Thanks! I had to clear my cookies for some reason. I confirmed it works!