Deploy Preview Drawer login challenges

We are currently experiencing an issue with collaborators.
Here are the steps,

  1. Send an invite to reviewer (not part of ‘team’ on netlify)
  2. Reviewer gets an email to join the team. Clicking on link asks the reviewer to create account
  3. A new Netlify account is created by the reviewer.
  4. Verify email challenge is sent to reviewer.
  5. A new Netlify instance is created for reviewer with his/her own team - For example, ‘John Doe’s Team’ (not sure why the reviewer needs a full on Netlify instance - non technical folk get lost in this as it starts showing trial plan and asks to choose a plan)
  6. The admin now gets an email to approve access
  7. Access is approved.
  8. Reviewer doesn’t get a confirmation of approval, so admin sends an email to reviewer to login to Netlify drawer.
  9. Reviewer opens drawer, clicks on login - pop up opens asking to login via sso or email etc.
  10. Reviewer logs in with previously used email / password
  11. Pop up logs you into Netlify Dashboard - Session not carried back to Netlify drawer
  12. Reviewer refreshes page - Same issue - Tries login again.

Temporary resolution,

  1. Ask Reviewer to always open preview links on Incognito mode
  2. Logs in using email, session carried over to Netlify drawer now.
  3. Continues reviewing - Regular operation


howdy @kiranjyoth - that sounds odd. Can you tell us a little more about what browser and version you are using where you are seeing this? thanks!

Hey @perry
Here are the details

Browser:   Chrome 87.0.4280.88 on Mac OS 10.10.5
Viewport:  1280 x 720 @2x
Language:  es
Cookies:   Enabled

hi @kiranjyoth -

at the moment we are still working on some improvements to this flow, but I don’t have a firm ETA I can share with you at the moment. But i will update you here once we have something more specific to share!

hi @kiranjyoth - we have rolled out a fix for this. Could you take a look and see if it works now?

@perry It worked without issues this time. Thanks for the fix!
One last question on this thread, Is it possible to avoid spinning up a new Netlify instance with their own team for every reviewer ? Instead allow them to join the team (which already happens now.)


hi @kiranjyoth - glad it is working! I believe at present it is not possible to have a reviewer join a team - hopefully, changing that will be possible in the future, but at the moment I don’t have an ETA for this! if we do make that happen we will definitely announce. :smiley: