Deploy Preview directs to specific (but seemingly arbitrary) page

Recent pull request builds have been directing to our ‘zero-to-binder’ page. For example, see: #2307 (comment).

The behavior we would expect would be either that the deploy would direct to our home page, or that the deploy would direct to the most recently changed page (the ‘zero-to-binder’ is neither).

This seems to have happened on every pull request since around the start of February.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide

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thank you, @da5nsy ! we are taking a look at this and will share more about when can. :pray:

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Update - one recent Deploy Preview did not conform to this trend: (but others, before and after, did)

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hi again.

we’ve had two backend engineers take an in depth look at this and we can’t find anything that shows us that this is a netlify specific error (and this is the first time we have heard of something like this happening).

It seems like this is something specific to your current project configuration, sadly.

it looks like this code is part of the problem:

  if json[:state] == Deploy::State::READY && deploy.deploy_summary.pages.length == 1
      page = deploy.deploy_summary.changed_pages.first.url
      format[:target_url] = page if !homepage?(page)

out engineers found that for some reason, /communication/binder/zero-to-binder seems to be changing with every build.

they also saw what you wrote above, namely that PR 2303 did not create the problem, but others did, so i think you’ll have to keep poking at it from your end. Please do let us know if you figure out the problem!

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