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Deploy Keeps Failing

My deploy keeps failing, and I’m not sure what’s causing the fail. The deploy errors are attached:

The site name is https://carlos-l-law-office.netlify.app](https://carlos-l-law-office.netlify.app/

It mentions an error where it could not locate index.js. Is this related: [Support Guide] Netlify app builds locally but fails on deploy (case sensitivity)?

I don’t think it is related because all of the letters of those paths are lowercase, so case sensitivity shouldn’t be the issue. I also tried deleting and re-committing the files exactly like your link said, but no luck.

Any further suggestion would need us to have a look at the repo. The logs are not particularly helpful without having a look at the code causing it.

ok, that makes sense. However, it’s a private repo so is there a way that I can share the repo with just a member of the engineering team at Netlify?

Yes, you could share it with my GitHub username: Hrishikesh-K.

ok, thanks hrishikesh. just shared it with you

Thanks, got it.

Oddly, there’s no script in your package.json that suggests it’s building a static app. Are you using the scripts from the package.json or do you have some other command to build it?

it’s indeed not a static app. However, I was planning on taking out the code that makes the app non-static. Additionally, I’m not even sure if the errors I’m getting have to do with the fact that the app isn’t static? also, I am using the scripts from package.json, (npm run watch)

Reading more on webpack-dev-server: GitHub - webpack/webpack-dev-server: Serves a webpack app. Updates the browser on changes. Documentation https://webpack.js.org/configuration/dev-server/., it seems like the command starts a server instance. This is not supported on Netlify and now it aligns with the logs. Webpack is probably trying to connect to localhost somehow and thus, it’s failing.

This might provide more insights:

thanks hrishikesh. i’ll take a look at the links