Deploy issue, after twice deploy at once

Hey, i have some issues. It has begun when i had an collision with deploys on my gatsby site (two builds, one from prismic another one from webhook), after this two builds i just started to get error like “Deploy Error from Netlify: Failed to upload the required files to Netlify”. I am pretty sure that error is coming from this issue, because i created a new project i configurated everything like at previous page, and there everything is correct and i can deploy my site without problem. First site, took 1GB bandwith, maybe it is problem? It just stopped after reach 1002mb ( i know 1024 is 1GB)

Best regards Adrian

After > 10h, problem has been resolved by itself :o

Hey there, @Zilib :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums. I am glad to hear this issue resolved by itself, thanks for letting us know! :netliconfetti: