Deploy is not being automatically published, preview is ok & lock is not on

The preview of my web site looks fine but it is not getting pushed to production, even though it says:
Production: master@HEAD Published.
An old version is being displayed.
I don’t think the publish lock is on.
Any help would be appreciated. Is something getting cached?
I am passing in environment variables that determines the URL and if the Git Edit button should be displayed or not.
I have tried the Clear cache and deploy site option.
Here is my build command:
sed -i s/URL_PLACEHOLDER_TEXT/{MY_URL}/g _config.yml && sed -i s/GIT_EDIT_PLACEHOLDER_TEXT/{GIT_EDIT}/g _config.yml && cat _config.yml && bundle exec jekyll build
Here is my Publish directory: /_site

When I click Preview, it looks like the correct version.

It does not have the Edit Git button.
However, the production one is old:

Here is my netlify instance:

Hi Liz,

Usual reason for seeing stale content is a service worker issue; check out this article for more details:

I don’t see any site with that name here now so not able to test personally - did you rename/move it?

Thanks for the reply. When I didn’t get a reply after the first day, I blew everything away and recreated it, to see that would fix it. It did temporary fix it but I suspect that I will see it again. Thanks for the link. I will study it.