Deploy hangs (but doesn't error or timeout) when pre-rendering

My deploy is:

It is a Vue CLI site.

Today I enabled pre-rendering for the first time. Before deploys took about 1 ~ 3 minutes. Now I’ve been waiting 25+ minutes and deploys don’t complete, but don’t error out or timeout either.

There are less than a dozen pages to pre-render.

Could you please help me debug these deploys?


hi there, first port of call before we dig in is this doc:

can you take a look and see if there is anything helpful in here?

Thanks @perry , I did read that guide before enabling pre-rendering, but it doesn’t seem to cover any issues regarding deployment hanging.

I believe I have discovered/solved the problem, and it was unrelated to prerendering.

I had had enabled the WebPack BundleAnalyzerPlugin. It was preventing builds from completing.

After disabling that, builds complete normally.

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fantastic! thanks for letting others know who might be dealing with the same :smiley:

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