Deploy fails with "System Error"

My netlify instance fails to deploy (i’d rather not enclose the URL/project name).
This is the whole output of my build log:

11:29:32 AM: Build ready to start
11:30:35 AM: System Error

The deployment ID is 5dbbfafc78beb5241cdbd90f. I’ve made only a simple change of 5 characters which shouldn’t affect the build capability in any way. It’s a Vue app and builds fine locally (in both dev & production mode).

The build hangs for a minute and then reports System Error. Same happens for the previous build & when building from master manually (both as a redeploy and with clearing cache).

Update: the build succeeded on the 5th try (all 4 previous tries gave the same ambiguous error).

I am also experiencing this.
It’s enqueued for about 10 minutes, then fails with System Error.
I guess I’ll keep trying until it works then?

11:02:56 AM: Build ready to start
11:10:49 AM: System Error

Apparently the build pipeline is down:

Yea, the issue is caused by a third-party provider having an incident. We’ll continue to update the statuspage as more information becomes available.

it happens now, Dennis.
But status page shows no failure.
See my deployment id 5e7442463f33e5b8a069bbd0

hi there, sorry to hear that. this is frustrating - are you still seeing this error?

we are tracking reports of this that are unrelated to a third party provider, and I’ve added your details to that issue. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have a solution.

hi there, good news. We were able to isolate the issue and just rolled out a fix.

please do let us know right away if you keep seeing this issue.