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Deploy fails to start for webhook but runs well when triggered manually

Hello Everyone,

I’m running the offbeat-budapest site at https://www.offbeatbudapest.com/
The builds are triggered via a webhook by Contentful.
For the past few day, every time the webhook was called and it triggered build, the deploy log would look like this:

9:00:46 AM: Build ready to start
9:01:08 AM: Build exited unexpectedly

So the build is starting up but after 30 seconds of nothing happening, it is killed.

When I trigger a build manually, there’s no problem. It doesn’t wait for 30 seconds or anything like that, it runs smoothly.

These are the first few lines of the successful, manually triggered deploy:

9:03:49 AM: Build ready to start
9:03:51 AM: build-image version: b0258b965567defc4a2d7e2f2dec2e00c8f73ad6
9:03:51 AM: build-image tag: v3.4.1
9:03:51 AM: buildbot version: 0a44c930054be748eff0c581d346282fece89cc0

Does anybody know what the issue might be?

The webhook was working well before, and I can’t remember any code releases that could have affected it.

Here’s what I tried so far:

  • I removed the existing webhook and created a new one.
  • I triggered a clean deploy and triggered a normal (cached) deploy after that to see if both succeed (they did).
  • I updated my dependencies to make sure nothing is obsolete (but since the deployment doesn’t even get to the point where it has to install deps, I assume that’s not the issue).

Has anyone seen anything like this? Only the deployments triggered by a webhook fail, manually triggered deployments succeed.

Hi, @offbeatdev. This most often occurs when the Contentful calls the webhook with a large collection of POST data.

As Netlify doesn’t need or use the POST data, the most common solution is to configure Contentful not to send any additional data when calling the webhook.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue and/or if there are other questions, please let us know.

Hey Luke, thanks for the quick response! You were probably right! Since my publishing of the post, there have been several successful deployments without me having made any changes, so I cannot be exactly sure, but for what it’s worth, I changed the payload to an empty JSON object, hope that’ll make the thing future-proof.

Thanks again!

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