Deploy failed - header.css - the relative module was not found - case sensitive

Hello, I keep failing the build process. The error message is that it cannot resolve header.css. Screen shot is attached.

This is my repo.

Does anyone have any suggestions based on the screen shots attached? I am so lost!

Hi, @genesis16. Welcome to our community forum!

I believe the cause of the error is a case sensitivity issue.

This is also mentioned in another community post.


3. Case sensitivity - not all filenames are treated the same way

If you develop on Windows or OSX, and your code includes a file or reference to a file like jQuery/jquery.js — the Netlify build may fail due to the mixed case filename. The file system used in Netlify builds is case sensitive, while your build environment is not. Unfortunately, the error messages that result may not clearly indicate this!

It can be challenging to effectively change case of a file stored in Git from your case insensitive local environment. This article on StackOverflow describes a good workflow, as simply renaming and committing will almost certainly not have the desired effect.

If changing the filename case to match the reference in header.js doesn’t resolve the issue, please reply here.