Deploy Fail : Minified React Error #130

Site Name: adorable-chestnut-d4ebc
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So I’ve been stuck here for over a week now. It began trying to play around with my CMS (Sanity Studio). I updated my local Node environment from 12 --> 14 and pinned that in the .nvrmc file. I say this just for context.

Prior Fixes attempted: delete node_modules / reinstall dependencies / npm cache clean force. Minified React Error remains

As you can see, my build command fails to create static HTML for path “/” - my homepage. Already gone through Netlify’s recommended build debugging. Sanity Studio and Gatsby both build in local environment no problem. Able to go on my dev server.

Here is the full log of the most recent deploy:

Is it certain to say the “Minified” error in the build relates to my homepage ("/")? Could the error relate to an import statement on ("/")? I am starting to think it is a formatting issue, but cannot get at where to look. General as well as specific advice appreciated.

Thank you

– Matt

Dev server builds and production builds are very different in case of Gatsby. Are you able to build the production build locally?

However, it’s not possible to find the problem without source code. If you want to find the possible causes for this error, there are many threads on StackOverflow, like this one:

This one has the problem of using curly brackets in import statements.

Yes, I am able to build the production locally. I am going to check the thread you posted and analyze more.