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Deploy error: Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi, @alantrrs. I’ve extended the build time limit for all sites on the team now. About this:

I wasn’t sure if you meant by this that only certain site should have the build time limit increased as the ordering of the sites can change and I don’t know if the order I see is the order you see. If you only wanted some sites changed, would you please let us know which sites should not be changed?

Hi team, I’m facing a similar issue. My build working locally for small dataset but as soon as I increase it, it gives me “Failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit” error.

Could be because of the build time limit?

Adding some more info:

1:00:40 AM: Execution timed out after 27m28.921390071s

1:00:40 AM: Error running command: Command did not finish within the time limit

1:00:40 AM: Creating deploy upload records

1:00:40 AM: Failing build: Failed to build site

1:00:40 AM: Failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit

1:00:40 AM: Finished processing build request in 29m58.310773805s

If possible could you please increase the limit to 60min or more.

API ID: 3d7e4dad-d993-4b26-98aa-53fb41918242

Hi @jagdish.co,

It has been done. That website now has 60 mins built time limit.

Thank you but I guess I’ll be needing little more.

10:05:12 PM: Creating deploy tree asynchronously
10:05:15 PM: Creating deploy upload records
10:07:08 PM: 205413 new files to upload
10:07:08 PM: 0 new functions to upload
10:41:02 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

Could you please make it 180? I’ve already added my CC details.

Hi @jagdish.co,

I’ve bumped it to 120 minutes for now. Please let us know if it works.

Additionally, I would suggest you to try to optimise your builds. Possibly, try to deploy with Netlify CLI. That’s a huge number of files, so maybe something like disabling post processing and form detection would also help if you’re not using forms.

Thank for bumping it but it didn’t worked. There are lots of files to be generated even tho I’ve disabled the forms detection yet it didn’t worked.

Is it possible to remove the limit and see how much time it will take to build? Or any other way?

meanwhile I will check the netlify CLI.

Unfortunately no. 120 minutes is already a rare number that we almost never have to reach up to. I’ve never seen someone go beyond that. While it is possible to upgrade beyond that too, I’d have to get it checked with the team.

But I think even if we do it, CLI is a far better option.