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Deploy error: Command did not finish within the time limit


We are using Netlify to host a showcase of student work (arkixd.se). We recently started getting issues with build timeouts. Is it possible to get an increase in time? The site name is ‘stupefied-shockley-0cedfb’


Hi, @ClintH. The build time limit was increased to 30 minutes for that site (stupefied-shockley-0cedfb).

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you @luke, that’s very helpful!

Hi @luke , can you please increase build time for the site disco-travel as well?

hey there @generativjs - what kind of build timeout are you hoping for? thanks!

30 min should be plenty, I’m seeing 18 now and there may be a little more content added. Thank you!

@perry Following up here. Anything I can do to help this along?

hey @generativjs - we have bumped you up to 30 mins! let us know if this works for you.

Hi @perry could you extend build timeout for the wttech-hub site please? 30min should be fine.

Hi @Cognifide,

It’s done! Let us know if that works.

That did it, thank you so much!!

Could I please get a build time increase to 30 minutes? The site’s API ID is

@hrishikesh following up on this.

Hi @ashleynexvel,

Apologies for the delay, I missed your post. Thank you for following up. The build time limit for the mentioned site id has been updated to 30 mins.

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Can we up our limit to 30mins please : cbtravel.netlify.app and api ID: a5ff57f8-6fa9-4fe7-b0c0-5bdc355f3fe5

Also if there is a way to self increase the execution limit please post again the steps

Hi @redolivedev,

It has been done.

Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no way to do this from the UI. You need to ask the support team.

Hi I would like to increase the build times on my site with api id: 800b479a-7154-4352-899f-83eaa9d37a32


Hi there, @Alcas1 :wave:

What type of build timeout are you hoping for? Let us know :slight_smile:

45 minutes please, I don’t think I will fully need it, but just so that certain builds can successfully complete so that they may cache for subsequent runs. Thanks

hi there @Alcas1 , i have bumped you up to a 45 min build timeout. let us know if this is not enough for some reason!