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Deploy error: Command did not finish within the time limit

Thanks so much @luke

Hi @luke or @jen

We’re also using Incremental builds, but sometimes the builds exceeds 15 minutes because of changes in for example package.json. Could you also increase our build time to 30 minutes? Thanks in advance!

Our website: https://sealab-com.netlify.app/

Hi, @fredriksigvarts1. Increased to 30 minutes for sealab-com.netlify.app. :+1:

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Hi @luke and @jen we have added incremental builds but have hit the 15 minute timeout and now the site is not building, can you please increase the following site’s timelimit to 30 minutes?

Thank you!

Hi, @sjl, we’ve increased the timeout for that site as well. If there are other questions about this (or anything else Netlify related), please let us know.

Hi @luke, me again. Can you bump http://nervous-cray-87ab59.netlify.app/ to a 30 minute timeout please?

Hi, @sjl. The timeout has been increased to 30 minutes for that site. :slight_smile:

Hi Netlify!

3 of our sites aren’t building in time. Would you extend the limit to 30 mins please? Cheers


hi @CAS, did you already add a credit card for those three sites? We’ll need to verify that’s in place so we can automatically bill for overages before we extend the timeout :smiley:

Yes, there is a card attached :slight_smile:

Hi, @perry
How are you?
I have same issue in building time limit.
So, I hope to get help for the extending limit.
I have added my card already.
And the site url is sealab-staging.netlify.app
Wish to get kindly response.

@perry can you bump us up to a 30-minute timeout for this site: https://ourlifeloop.netlify.app/
We should have a card on file already.

@RistoBin, @mitch,

I can see that card details have been added by you both. These sites have been increased to 30 minute timeouts.

Thank you.
It works.

hey @CAS, we extended your build timeout to 30 minutes for those 3 sites.

Hey @perry @Scott Would you mind increasing the timeout for https://wagec.netlify.app/ ?

Looks like she’s got a bit chunky - hoping to implement Gatsby incremental builds shortly afterwards.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey @allanpooley,

I’ve upped the timeout to 30 minutes for ya. Hope this helps!

Hi Netlify!

Our site isn’t building in time. Would you extend the limit to 30 mins please?
We’re currently on the Pro Netlify plan.

Hey @t0ker,

I’ve gone ahead and upped this to 30 minutes for ya!

Hey there @Scott @perry ,

Our site isn’t building in time either, could you bump the timeout to 30mn aswell?
We’ve got a card and the Pro Netlify plan.