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Deploy a Webflow site to Netlify [Discussion]

Hi everyone, I’m just a newbie! tell me if there is any checklist how to make a normal website intenrirovanny with webflow through the udesly adapter?? how does everything integrate services and widgets? or do I first need to configure everything in webflow and then export it to netlify? tell us, has anyone had any experience with e-commerce on netlify cms? help who can I moved the site from the webflow everything is ok everything works but what to do next I do not know…(

hi there roman, unfortunately, this is a very broad question asked rather vaguely, which is why i think it hasn’t gotten any attention.

Can you narrow it down a little bit?

Good afternoon! I don’t know how to work with code! I can make a website in webflow. I am a web designer and I want to do it myself on a turnkey basis . and I want to understand if I can implement all the features that are in the webflow on netlify and how difficult it is. I read your documentation. But I understand it a little (because there is a lot connected with programming terms.

пт, 11 июн. 2021 г. в 23:13, Perry (they/them or he/him) via Netlify Support Forums <netlify@discoursemail.com>:

Hi @Roman123,

From a brief whirl around the webflow website, technically yes, you could do what you are thinking.

It would appear that sites designed via the “no code” system they offer are published on their servers/CDN. However I do see they have the option to export sites as a ZIP (as long as you are paying for the service.) You could then deploy that site to Netlify.

As for the Webflow To Jamstack | Udesly adapter, it says it processes then exports your site to GitHub. If you have your GitHub repo linked to Netlify, it will automatically deploy that site. So yes, it is technically possible based. How (well) it works in practice I could not say.

Thank you for delving so deeply into the topic! it is very pleasing that you treat your customers like this! thank you again! Here’s the thing that I have already passed the path of webflow-udesly-netlify everything turned out fine quickly and easily but then I do not understand how to bring the site to mind :this is the CEO, all sorts of improvements and services in the webflow it’s kind of easy and there is a description of how to do it, but on netlify as I understand it, I need to know the code and understand how everything works inside… am I right?"

сб, 12 июн. 2021 г. в 08:50, Coel May via Netlify Support Forums <netlify@discoursemail.com>:

Hey there!

I have changed the title of this thread to more accurately show what you are trying to do. I have also moved this to the #opentalk category since this is not a direct question. Hopefully these changes will make it easier for folk to help you with this.



Not necessarily. There are many people who use services such as Netlify who don’t know how everything works. That’s why support forums exist.

The level of understanding required to publish a site on Netlify depends on the site you want to deploy. You can use pre-built HTML templates and know the minimum required to edit the page content and publish them to Netlify. Netlify Drop makes it very easy to get started.

Using serverless functions requires JavaScript as well as other knowledge. If you want to add HTTP headers to a site, configure redirects, integrate large media, or any of the functionality available on Netlify, you can find lots of information in the docs, and on these very forums. But none of this is required.

You will need to understand how to configure DNS if you wish to use custom domains on your sites either externally or using Netlify DNS just as you would likely need to for Webflow but there are docs for that too!

If you wish to integrate e-commerce you will need a greater understanding of the underlying technologies of the CMS, of a static site generator, of JavaScript, and of payment platform integrations. Check out the templates for Netlify CMS.

Does this help?

And note, I am not a Netlify employee.

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