Deploy 6.8G of old style MDN files to the platform

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Hi, MDN has recently changed the style of its website, which is a controversial matter and has caused some discussion.

The community has made positive improvements regarding the new style, but some people still prefer the old style, ref: Bring back the old design · Issue #5364 · mdn/yari · GitHub

So I tried to build the old style MDN, and tried to deploy it to the Jamstack platform

The English-only documentation was only deployed successfully on Netlify, and I built a multilingual version yesterday,
But I received a build time limit of 30 minutes.

Can the Netlify team help with this issue?

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hi there,

thanks for reaching out. Looking at your site, unfortunately at the moment we cannot bump the build time up higher than its current level as there is no credit card on file for this account.

We do require a credit card for those customers who ask for longer build times so that we can bill for overages incurred.

If you add a credit card, we would be happy to upgrade your build time!

just let us know. thanks!

I’ve add credit card, :slightly_smiling_face:

great! i have bumped you up to a 45 minute build time, let us know if that is not enough.

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Still time out

Hey @initd,

The time limit has been bumped to 90 minutes.

Many thanks to the netlify team for your help,
I have successfully deployed the full language version.
I would like to share my technical stack with you.

The first problem I solved was the search problem, the solution was to reverse the MDN search engine, which gave me the next idea.

The documentation is deployed in vercel, which doesn’t have automatic URL case conversion, so I get a bunch of 404s. Maybe that’s why they upload faster.

Because of that I got Unix style storage path, I used Cloudflare’s transform rule, rewrite http.request.uri.path toLowercase.
Bingo I got it.

I also added bulk redirect rules, and a redirect worker, to get a better experience.
Maybe this will give you some ideas for product optimization.

That’s it, nice day!

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Thanks for sharing this with us! I have passed this feedback along to our team.

Happy building :rocket: