Deno error on all sites in team on update in redirects file


We have a team called I amsterdam (Netlify App) with three websites (development, acceptance and production).

Just now we added a single line to the _redirects file and deployed it to one of the sites. It seems that the new redirect line caused some kind of error in the “edge”, because we saw this error on all our pages:

This is not a problem in itself, we just have to figure out what is wrong but we noticed that this problem caused all of the sites in the I Amsterdam team to go down and show that error page.

So even though only one site had the updated and wrong _redirects file, all our websites were down (development, acceptance and production). This can be a huge problem when we want to test the _redirects file on our development site, because if we make a mistake, our production website is down too.

I don’t think this should happen?

For reference, this is the _redirects file that caused the problem. The first line was added and caused the problem:* 301!
/nl/* /:splat 301

This appears to be a more general Deno Deploy issue so it’s unlikely to be related to your redirect.

My own thread about it: Website down with Deno Deploy errors 500, 502, 504 randomly - Support - Netlify Support Forums

Yeah I just saw this update: Netlify Status - High rate of errors for sites using Edge Functions

So maybe it’s unrelated to _redirects and just a coincidence. Sites of other teams did seem to be working, but that might be because they don’t use the edge middleware.

Thanks for your reply!