Deleting DNS records

Please delete my A and AAAA records from my records as I have to replace them with google firebase records. I cannot do this myself as netlify limits it to staff only. Thank you!

@calebburb, which records should be deleted? Would you please list any/all domain names with records types of either NETLIFY and/or NETLIFYv6 we should delete?

These are the instructions provided by google firebase. Please remove the records in accordance with this request. I will replace these with the A records given to me by google. I’m trying to host a domain purchased through Netlify on firebase, and this is what they’ve instructed me to do. I’m not a pro on this stuff so if I’m permanently ruining my domain please let me know. Otherwise if you could remove the records indicated that would be great! Thanks!

I may have solved the problem via another method. Please stand by :slight_smile:.

Never mind didn’t solve it! Refer to my first response with that screenshot.

Could you please provide the exact records you would like us to delete? Screenshots or links are most helpful, as well as the name of your Netlify site! Thank you :slight_smile:


Please remove the A and AAAA records that are emboldened in the attached image from that will be replaced with the firebase ones provided by google.

Would you like the NETLIFY record for removed as well?

I’m honestly not sure what trouble that would cause when deploying with firebase. Please leave it in and remove the others, and if that record needs to be removed I’ll let you know. Thanks!

OK all set! Let us know if anything else is needed!

Perfect, thank you so much!

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