Deleting dev blob store


Loving the new blob API - but Is there a quick way to delete all the blobs in the store I’m working on from dev?

As I iterate my approach, I end up having older data inconsistent with newer data, which makes debugging harder.

Be nice to be able to reset all the data I’m working with from the dev env, without having to change data store each time.



Just to clarify, do you mean on your local machine (using netlify dev)? If so I think all the blobs are stored in some folder so you could probably find it within your project by:

  • storing a unique string like thiswontbeanywhereelseinmycodebase
  • and then using grep -r . from within the project folder where you run netlify dev to find it.

If you mean on our CDN, I don’t believe there is a bulk-delete option but presumably you could remove the site and create a new one to truly reset. Please LMK if that’s what you meant so I can file a feature request for us!

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Ah yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

Yes the data is in .netlify/blobs-serves: /entries and /metadata.


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