Delete deploy previews with sensitive data?

I’ve been playing around with the Netlify CLI and been absolutely amazed over how easy it is to make deploys and deploy previews using that. Though after a while when unresponsibly playing around with this I noticed that all my previous deploy previews were still accessible. After some quick googling I think I’m fairly certain that these deploy previews lives forever (or until I delete my site). This also seems to be the case with the lambda functions I’ve got in the deploy previews.

Now, some of the previews happen to have some bugs in my lambda functions resulting in exposing sensitive data from my database, so of course I’d like to remove these deploy previews.

Is there a smoother way delete deploy previews than to delete the entire site?

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howdy @patho, totally get what you are saying! I’ve checked with the team and unfortunately there is no way to delete existing deploy previews - you’d have to delete and recreate the site. Sorry I don’t have better news for you :expressionless:

Hi. Has this changed since? Once I’ve deployed to production, the preview/draft has no utility for me and is only a (security) liability.

Hey @user3,

Feel free to give this a read:

Ahhh, there’s always a way! Thank you @hrishikesh.