Delete active forms

Dear netlify support

Can you please delete all my active forms from my website?

hi there,

we can take care of this as soon as we have availability to do so, but in the meantime, we now have a way to delete forms through the API! Here is some more information and steps:

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Hello. Can you please reset my active forms. I am unable to see the changes i make to my current form in my react app. Its stuck on the dashboard


Hi there,

That’s a different problem than this thread was talking about. Please follow our form debugging guidelines here:

…and let us know if you can’t resolve by following them (you’ll also see that we have specific information we ask you for at the end if you cannot resolve which you’d need to provide before we can help).

To take a guess, I suspect that your issue is that you are not updating the plain html versions of your forms which is what we configure which fields to save.

hi all, we’re happy to announce you now have the ability to delete forms through the Netlify UI. Please see this post for more information: