Debug is a black hole

Good Day.
Been deploying multiple sites on netlify for a couple of months with no issues. I use manual deploy and have always used the drag and drop of my project folder. Deploys in 8-14 seconds usually.

I’m using Hugo locally and building it locally as well, so basically there’s nothing to process or build on Netlify (or so the docs seem to indicate – and that’s why the deploy log is always empty – no building going on to log).

So, updated a site, with a couple new pages, and dozen or so images. The drag and drop seems to hang, as 2 hours will go by and it’s still “uploading”. So I switched to the CLI to deploy > netlify deploy --prod Still seems to be hanging and will eventually timeout.

How do I debug this?

Running mac-os. Here’s my build output, so I don’t think it’s a very big site so it shouldn’t timeout because of that.

                   | EN
  Pages            |  94
  Paginator pages  |   3
  Non-page files   |  58
  Static files     | 121
  Processed images |  45
  Aliases          |  34
  Sitemaps         |   1
  Cleaned          |   0

The other odd thing is that it appears that no files are being uploaded unless I’m reading this wrong:

Deploying to live site URL...
✔ Finished hashing 0 files
✔ CDN requesting 0 files
✔ Finished uploading 0 assets
p Waiting for deploy to go live...

Thanks for any pointers.

hi there, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Did you see this guide already?