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Data from strapi not being rendered on mobile


I had no problem whatsoever with build. Thing is, on desktop everything works, but on mobile the data is not rendered.

It’s a Gatsby site, data on Strapi.

Netlify site: lebrao

GitHub: repo

Thanks for your time!

P.S.: I did find some related topics, but as they didn’t mention Gatsby, I thought it was worth trying.

Hi @jcgsr :wave:

I have looked at your site on a desktop and a mobile device and see no difference in the information displayed.

Is there something specific that you are (or are not) seeing?


I don’t see the bands.

There are 30 bands being displayed… I forgot to mention something very important: Strapi was/is running, that’s why I think I can see the bands on my laptop. On the phone, on the other hand, I have no Strapi running… Is it the problem? But I already have another site with data on Strapi, and it runs smoothly regardless of Strapi. In fact, I’ve done the same procedure in both sites. Let me please show this picture:

a) Strapi running

Strapi not running, I got this error:

xhr.js:175 GET http://localhost:1337/bands net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Thank you again for your time!

This is what I see (same on mobile). No bands.

Strapi is running on your local machine only and isn’t exposed to the Internet as a whole, so no one can see the data (including Netlify’s build system.) There is a Jamstack Explorers mission covering Strapi (used with Nuxt, not Gatsby) Building a Lyric Blog with Nuxt.js and Strapi - Jamstack Explorers that might help you get things working as it covers exposing Strapi so you can build your site.

Now I understand. Thank you very much!


I finally did it, The steps are here

I hope it can help somebody.

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