Customer seeing old site version (DNS issue)

I’ve moved my site from Netlify to Vercel a few months ago, but am still happily using Netlify DNS.

However, one of my customers reports that they keep seeing the old version of the site (that was hosted on Netlify). Every time they clear their cache and reload, they see the new version, but get served the old version again right after.

The domain is

Here’s a video I received from this customer: Checkout Page: Checkout pages and payment forms

Curious what the problem might be and how I can solve it.


Hi there, @ProlificSpice :wave:

Thanks for reaching out with this question!

Per our Terms of Service, Netlify DNS or AWS functions are strictly for use with sites deployed to Netlify. It is expressly allowed to have DNS records within your zone pointing to non-Netlify resources, but we expect that all zones you host with Netlify also have at least one hostname hosted by Netlify, and all functions hosted by Netlify are called primarily by a website hosted on our service.

This means that you will have to migrate off of our DNS, or conversely, host a site with us.

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Oh no! I hadn’t realised that. I’ll move my DNS in the upcoming days! Thanks @hillary.


Thanks so much, @ProlificSpice :slight_smile: