Custom widget preview doesn't execute react useEffect or useCallback

[nextjs, custom widget, react hooks]

When creating a custom component one can write a hook and use the useEffect to say manage how the component finally looks, behaves.

However, when this component is rendered in the netlify cms preview its javascript doesn’t execute. I presume this is because the javascript itself isn’t embedded into the preview iFrame.

So how does one go about allowing ones custom react hook component to execute its javascript when rendered in the preview?


// @ts-ignore


toPreview: function (obj) {
        return (
            <BannerBlock data={obj}></BannerBlock>


import React, {useCallback, useEffect} from 'react'
import styles from '@/design-system/components/BannerBlock.module.scss'
import Button from "@/components/Button";

interface BannerBlockProps{
    children?: React.ReactNode;
    className?: any;
const  BannerBlock = ({children, data}:BannerBlockProps) => {
    const handleClick = useCallback(
        () => {
            console.log('Click happened. but not in preview!');

    data = decodeURI(data);
        console.log("use Effect runs in preview. oh no it doesn't.");
    return <div>
        <Button onClick={handleClick}>TestButton</Button>

export default BannerBlock

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