Custom subdomains not working -

I’m attempting to attach “twitter” and “discord” as subdomains for my main domain “”. I have them both setup as CNAME records in my domain registry, and it’s been several days, however, they have not propagated and they do not resolve on Google.

Could someone please fix this? I need this done for my business.

Hi, @anthonylekan. Both DNS record exist, they are just invalid:

$ dig +noall +answer	3600	IN	CNAME	3600	IN	CNAME

The problem with those DNS records is the path. CNAME records cannot contain a path so these DNS records are not working for that reason.

If you want to you can assign those two domain names to a site and Netlify and create redirect rules that with 301 redirect to those other URL’s.

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thanks luke! That fixed it

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Happy building :rocket: