Custom freenom domain not working

Hey! I am trying to make a website using a freenom domain. The website works perfectly but when I try to add a custom domain it doesn’t work. Subdomain is and the domain I’m trying to use is . I’m not sure if its a dns propogation issue but I don’t think it is because I’ve tried this before and it’s worked in minutes. It’s also running on a github repo which is GitHub - yavda1/ but I’m not sure if that matters.


Have you set these nameservers on Freenom:

Yes, I followed all the steps

That doesn’t seem to be the case:

Could you share a screenshot of what you’ve done?

Did you click on Change and did it show changes saved successfully?

yes, I’ve tried multiple times

Looks like it has resolved by now:

Yes, but now its happening again! domain is and website is why is this happening?