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Custom domain works, but only without "www" extension?

Hi, I’ve setup my custom domain (lufctrust.com) within Netlify using Nameservers. Going to the URL without “www.” prepended works absolutely fine, but I’m told by Chrome that my domain’s server IP address could not be found if I visit using “www.”.

I’ve attached my DNS settings below, any help would be very appreciated!

Your website with www is working fine. However, you might have set lufctrust.com as your primary domain instead of www.lufctrust.com in your Netlify dashboard. So, all requests from www.lufctrust.com are redirected to lufctrust.com. But, both load absolutely alright and there’s no error.

How odd - it was erroring out, right until you looked just now :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your response though :slight_smile:

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I thought so. It must have been DNS cache. Thankfully it’s solved.

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