Custom Domain Shows Server IP Address Could Not Be Found

Hi, my custom domain is and netlify domain is Although netlify subdomain works perfectly, my custom domain shows server IP address could not be found. It is already Netlify DNS and Https enabled.
Any help please,

@WaiyanMyothet It seems to be loading now. Have you tried it lately? If you’re still seeing an issue, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Thank you,it worked when I tried with VPN. May be I still need to wait about one day to be fully working

Hi, @WaiyanMyothet. Often the previous NS records will have been using a time to live (TTL) value of 86400 or 172800. This means it can take 24 or 48 hours, respectively, for all downstream DNS resolvers to expire the cached NS records.

There is more about this in the following support guide:

I’m glad to learn it is working now and if there are other questions, please let us know.