Custom Domain Settings

I built a website with GatsbyJS and deployed it with Netlify.
The domain is registered on an external service and therefore I followed the “Custom Domains” Netlify’s guide for DNS configuration.
Normally it would be enough to add the 4 nameserver fields in the configurations of the domain manager, but with it is not possible because I would also lose other services related to it.
I contacted their support and they told me that the only solution is to change the A record by entering the IP address for the Netlify A record. I then searched the Netlify guides and entered this IP:, which is described as “Netlify’s load balancer IP address”. Is it correct?
And will it still allow me to use Netlify DNS and receive the Let’s Encrypt certificate for https?
Thank you

From what I know, nameservers are the only solution. Even when using IP address like mentioned here: [Support Guide] Finding the IP addresses for Netlify's Nameservers, you’d still need to mention it in nameservers and not A record.

However, I might we wrong about it. But, if I’m right, I’d suggest you to transfer your domain to some other registar and then use Netlify.

If you set the A record to the Netlify load balance IP address, and create a CNAME record pointing your Netlify subdomain, Netlify will issue an SSL certificate once the DNS propagates.

Thank you for the answer. I hope to find a solution also maintaining the domain with that registar, but in case I will evaluate the change

The registar said me to add set the A record pointing to Netlify load balance, nothing else.
So you suggest to add a CNAME record that point to Or that point
At the moment in the Netlify domain custom domain panel I have marked as “Default subdomain”, marked as “Primary Domain” and marked as “Redirects automatically to primary domain” and this one is the only that already have the “Netlify DNS” badge

@marcoadi94 Yes, that is correct.

Excuse me, what is correct? You said to add a CNAME record pointing to my www subdomain, but it seems to me like I have a www primary domain

@marcoadi94 “Primary” is the designation used by Netlify to show which version is presented to visitors. Outside of Netlify, your apex domain name takes the form of, while your subdomains take the form of,,, etc.

Ok so now I need to add (or to modify an existing one?) a CNAME RECORD that point to, not to, and everything will work?
The registar make me set this record colums: Name, TTL, Type, Value. NAME should be (or can be whatever I want?), TTL a time of my choice, TYPE = CNAME and VALUE = ( or ), right?

@marcoadi94 No, the “name” will be www, representing the www subdomain. Like this, but with your information:


It worked, thank you so much. I had to modify an existing CNAME record, i couldn’t add another one, but what you suggested me was right.