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Custom Domain owned by another account

My Netlify site is registered under : sandip2224.netlify.app
I’m trying to set up this custom domain ‘dassandipan.tech’ to my netlify site but get the following error:

I can’t seem to get around this problem. Can someone please help me out?

Please do not create duplicate threads @cppcoder2001. It will not get you an answer any quicker. I have closed your previous thread here.

As mentioned there, a Netlify Support Engineer will assist you when they have a chance.

Hey there! Looks like dassandipan.tech was previously added to a site and Netlify DNS was set up.

The domain was removed from the site but the DNS zone attached to it was not deleted.

I’ve deleted the unused DNS zone for dassandipan.tech – you should now be able to add this to your site!


I could finally add the custom domain to my portfolio!! Thank you thank you.

I am having the same issue. custom_domain is owned by another account.
My site is registered under ippmail.netlify.app

Hi @teemezzy,

The domain has been removed from another account . Kindly try re-adding it.