Custom domain (owned) and subfolders

Hi everyone,

our shop already has it’s own domain (

On Netlify, we would like to host our blog. But we would like to keep our domain, and reach the blog with a subfolder (

Is there a way to configure custom domain just for the blog, and our store domain untouch ?

Or is there another way to do it ?


You’d have to use (proxy) redirects. With this, you could show the content of a Netlify page at a URL of your domain, for example, suppose you have a post at, and you wish to show it on, you could setup a proxy redirect. This way, the users would see your domain in the address bar, but the content would be served by Netlify.

However, I have read somewhere, proxying to Netlify is not recommended and I’m not sure if it holds true in this context. But, even if it doesn’t, this redirection would be handled by your current server and not by Netlify. So, for any additional information on how to set this up, you’d have to content them.

Hi hrishikesh,

thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late answer.
Just to be sure that i understand what should be done, is there something i have to do on Netlify (a config file in my project for exemple), or everything should be done on our server ? if that the case, do i need some complementary informations about Netlify (dns, ip, …) or the netlify domain is enought ?


Something needs to be done on your server and the domain is enough.

hi @oldBeaver , i believe this is what hrishikesh is referring to:

Yup, that’s it. Thanks @perry.

Thanks guys, i will forward this to the tech team :+1: