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My netilfy sitename is guiomentor-prod // https://guiomentor-prod.netlify.app. I am having issues with some custom domains not working especially for app.guiomentor.com and dashboard.guiomentor.com however my other custom domain dev.guiomentor.com is working fine. When I deployed yesterday it worked fine but it was on and off and right now it’s totally off but adding a custom domain as prod.guiomentor.com works fine. Any issues that am not aware of or new changes

Welcome to the forums @Guio

I can see guiomentor.com is using Netlify DNS, however there are a couple of servers still showing ns1.dns-parking.com as the nameserver. This issue should resolve itself in time (see [Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL) for more details.)

As for the subdomains you listed, none appear to work for me. Have you added these to Netlify DNS along with you bare domain and linked them to Netlify sites or branche deploys?