Custom_domain is owned by the other account can't rename site or do anything

I am a new user coming from scrivito CMS.
Whatever I try either renaming my site or adding a custom domain alias (i.e., I always get the error “custom_domain is owned by the other account”. My domain is not registered with netlify. I want to use a CNAME and I don’t have any other accounts with netlify.
Even using random fantasy names (i.e. blablubsss) as site name leads to this error.

Hmm, I also can’t see a site or any other config with that name. Could you let me know the netlify sitename you’re trying to configure here so I can try to put the name in place, and hopefully get to the bottom of what is blocking you?

Sure it’s
I did setup a cname for but without registered domain your server simply responds with ‘Not found’. Neither could I upload my ssl certificate.

Ah, hmm, I see that is a scrivito site, which will be hard to add a new name to. I’ve asked the team for some advice on the best pattern to use for those types of sites.

Hi again @Ralph and sorry it’s been so long since you heard from me.

This was as I suspected related to the scrivito integration, and after a few changes on our side, I’ve managed to get that name applied to the site.