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Custom_domain is owned by another acocunt

We own the domain name sunhaus.us via DreamHost however when we try to add this externally hosted domain name to Netlify we get “custom_domain is owned by another account” error. Is there a way to resolve this as we can easily prove ownership of the domain name with the DNS setting updates?

Hey there, this is happening because the custom domain you’re trying to use already exists on Netlify under a different account.

If you have some idea of who might be using the domain (maybe a previous collaborator or an agency you’ve worked with in the past?), the quickest way to get this resolved is for you to contact that person directly and ask them to remove the domain from their account here:

https://app.netlify.com/sites/SITE-NAME/settings/domain#custom-domains > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”

If you’re not sure, please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Hi Perry,

The previous owner removed the custom domain 30 minutes ago. I’ve validates the domain ownership as described. Could you remove the domain from the previous account and attach it to mine?

Thank you !

Hi, @glenn. What is the name of the verification DNS record created? I don’t see one for either the apex domain or for the verified-for-netlify subdomain. In other words, there are no TXT records for either sunhaus.us or verified-for-netlify.sunhaus.us:

$ dig +noall +answer sunhaus.us TXT
$ dig +noall +answer verified-for-netlify.sunhaus.us TXT

You can use the URLs below to test the TXT records:


​Please let us know when the DNS records have been created or if there are any questions.

@luke The original topic was posted by @gleb with a “b”. I think the above might be some sort of spam

Hi Luke,

My bad, I see I didn’t mention the domain anywhere. It relates to the domain “lesmots.pro” and I have given the verified-for-netlify dns record the value of the support ticket.

Thanks !

Hi, @gleb. I think there were some “crossed wires” but I do believe @glenn’s post is legitmate.

I responded to it with the custom domain from your post because sometimes two people are both working on the same site but only one person is listed on the team. (You can have ten people making commits to a repo and triggering builds at Netlify while only one of those ten people has a Netlify login. Netlify still builds for all commits for all ten - even for the people without Netlify logins. It is the commit that triggers the build as long as one person with access has configured a site at Netlify using that Git repo.)

@glenn, in your case, I have removed the custom domain from the other site and domain. You should be able to add it to your site or team’s DNS zones now. If not, please let us know.

Both @gleb and @glenn, please let us know there are any other question or more we can do to assist.

@luke Perfect, thank you !