"custom_domain is owned by another account" error

you got it! we like your service a lot, btw, so don’t hesitate to comment here and we’ll help out.

I am facing the same issue where the domain I own (gebeta.app) is giving me the “custom_domain is owned by another account” error message how can I fix it? I have removed it from the place where I was using the domain from but still I get the same error

Sorry, I did not understand the DNS verify part, but now I do, if put a link to the ticket in the TXT record:
verified-for-netlify.fjamsterdam.nl → "custom_domain is owned by another account" error - #17 by sebvandijk

Hi Perry, Can you do the same for us?
it’s about fjamsterdam.nl
Site id: fjproducties
app id: 86ca4cf6-9451-4254-87cc-5fffe600a1e6

Can you please free the domain for us?

Hi, I have the same issue. I have added the corresponding txt record.

domain: milancsizmadia.com
netlify app: milan-csizmadia.netlify.app

Thank you!

hi there, we have verified your ownership and freed up the domain for your use :+1:

Hi Perry ! Hope you’re well. Thank you for your engagement :slight_smile:
I removed the domain from my other account and added a TXT record to namecheap as well but it still renders the same error …
App : https://learnmedia.netlify.app/
Domain : learnmedia.io
Thank you !

hi there @Learn_media - we have freed up that domain so you can use it now! good luck.

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Hello Perry,

I deleted an account 2 weeks ago with our custom domain configuration, now I’m trying to set up again the domain with the same account.

App : https://candid-faun-fb8d5d.netlify.app/
Domain : konta.com

Thank you!

hi there, we have confirmed your verification and freed up that domain for your use.


I am facing the same issue with my domain “strategiclinks,in”, my netlify app is 1.

I have followed the support guide: [Support Guide] “another site is using this domain” Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain and created a TXT record for “verified-for-netlify”

Hey @strategiclinks.in,

The domain has been removed from the other account.

hi Perry,

How are you?

I will be really thankful if you free up my domain www.syspunks.io that was linked to https://laughing-williams-24b1c7.netlify.app](https://laughing-williams-24b1c7.netlify.app/)

Hey @Amaraa0611,

That should be all good to go.

Hi, i am facing the same issue i haven’t use this domain for netlify

App: https://magical-pothos-0e325b.netlify.app/
Domain: linkdao.network

Hey there, @linkdao678 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Hi, i have followed the steps in the link. Please check and resolve.

Hey there, @linkdao678 :wave:

Apologies, but I am not seeing the TXT record pointing to the URL of this thread. Can you please follow the steps one more time to get this set up? Thanks so much!

Hi, @hillary I’m facing the same issue with my company’s website.
netlify domain: https://thesolecompany-online.netlify.app/
our domain: https://thesolecompany.com

I’ve followed the instruction to add a TXT record with this thread’s URL. Thank you🙂

While we can remove this, it really appears that it was added by your current login, so how about if you self serve instead :slight_smile:

you can remove the domain from your existing site here: Netlify App

you can then add the domain to your new site as usual.

Thank you very much @fool. I didn’t notice this because it was made a while ago and was buried down in the ‘sites’ page on the panel (which I’ve only just visited for the first time)

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