"custom_domain is owned by another account" error

I would like to add my custom domain (sjws.ml) to my netlify app stoic-wing-772335.

I have followed the support guide: [Support Guide] "another site is using this domain" Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain and created a TXT record for verified-for-netlify.sjws.ml subdomain

Hi @C10udburst C10udburst, we have completed the verification and freed up the domain for your use. Let us know if you have any further questions!

Hi @Melvin, I am facing the same issue with my domain ried-berlin.com to my app loving-saha-d3826d before it was used on my other account and I deleted the app and removed the domain there too. But, I am still facing the same issue.

hi there @Isa_Jehle - sorry to hear this.

did you add a verification record exactly as described here?

do let us know when this is done, we can check and free up the domain for you.

Hi, I’m facing the same issue.

I would like my Netlify account to own “manasa.ink” and I have added the corresponding txt record link to this particular forum post.

I’m trying to add it to — optimistic-mcnulty-99ae2a


hi @manasa.hm ,

unfortunately, when i query verified-for-netlify.manasa.ink i don’t see the record we need :frowning:

can you please double check the instructions and try again?

I’ve tried to do it again, could you please check it?

Or if you cannot re-assign it to my account, could you at least remove the domain from the other account?

And I can try doing it afresh from this account.

We can do that, but we need you to prove ownership first in a way we can see. Unfortunately, while I see your screenshot, I need the DNS lookup to work:

% host -t txt verified-for-netlify.manasa.ink
Host verified-for-netlify.manasa.ink not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Could you ask your DNS host to confirm what record you’ve created there? Every DNS host has a slightly different UI and handling of records like you created - I checked everything I could think of including the below, but as an example, what you have shown in the screenshot on some providers would actually be a record:


and on others only


But in this case, the record seems present for neither.

Just to be sure - you are setting these at Porkbun, right? That is your DNS host according to whois:

% whois manasa.ink | grep -i "name server"

Could you please check now? This is what I get with a third party lookup.

What happened was that I was still using Netlify’s DNS servers the first time I asked you to check ("custom_domain is owned by another account" error - #5 by manasa.hm)

The second time, I put it up again but this switched to using porkbun’s DNS servers. It did tell me it would take time to propagate but I was hoping that by the time somebody here checked, it should have propagated fully. But you replied in 10 minutes, haha.

Sorry about making you check multiple times. I should’ve waited for a bit before posting or mentioned that I had just updated the DNS servers and that it would take some time.

As an aside, why would removing ownership of a domain (that is not actively being used from another account) have required me to prove ownership of it? Because for me (or someone else) to use it the next time, they would’ve had to prove ownership of it anyway at the time of entering it onto Netlify, right?

Anyway, I’m not expecting an answer to this. Just didn’t seem to make sense in my head.

Thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile:

hi there, we freed up the domain for your use :tada:

Hi @Melvin / @perry I am facing the same issue with my domain www.julianmemai.co.uk. Initially it was used in my wife’s account for my app, but I have created my own account now and I cannot use it in my app serene-hopper-d287ac. We have removed the domain from my wife’s account but we are getting the same error. Can you assist me pls?

Hey @Jul-Me,

The domain has been removed from the other account.

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I am facing the same issue with my domain “albdesign.ro”, my netlify app is albdesign-studio

I have followed the support guide: [Support Guide] “another site is using this domain” Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain and created a TXT record for “verified-for-netlify”

Hey there, @paisionut :wave:

We have freed up this domain and you should now be able to use it! Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hi @hillary, works now, thanks!

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Hi Perry, Can you do the same for us?
it’s about fjamsterdam.nl
Site id: fjproducties
app id: 86ca4cf6-9451-4254-87cc-5fffe600a1e6

Hi @hillary, @hrishikesh, I’m facing the same issue with two of my domains :

I’ve posted a ticket about it at Custom_domain is owned by another account. Please help but starting to get desperate, the websites have been down for more than 4 hours now.

I’ve processed the TXT verification, but the link point to the other ticket (not this one), I hope this will help!

thank you in advance!

hi there,

we have completed the verification and freed up that domain for your use. please let us know if it does not work for some reason!

Awesome @perry !! Thank you so much !!!

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