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“custom_domain is owned by another account” error message


I am a very experienced Netlify user and I am a bit baffled by the error message I am receiving when trying to add a new site with custom domain.

I use Cloudflare as my DNS provider for the domain: https://fllr.art, as far as I know I never registered it in Netlify (I did check my former account and it was not registered there either).

I am already going to go ahead and verify ownership as described here: [Support Guide] Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain


can you tell us the netlify site name please? Once we know that we can complete the verification.

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The Netlify DNS name? Its https://fllr.netlify.app

Thank you for verifying!

There was an existing DNS zone for fllr.art under a cancelled Netlify account.

We’ve deleted that DNS zone so you should be able to use the domain on your account now!

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Thank you @laura and @perry so much for the quick fix!

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Hi @laura I’m experiencing this same issue at the moment. https://stypt.netlify.app/ was previously associated with a different account, using the stypt.nl domain. Could you move it to the new associated account as well?