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Custom domain going down every few minutes (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN)

Netlify site name: passivespot.netlify.app - works fine
custom domain: www.passivespot.com - works fine… for a few minutes


Build steps: Gatsby site → Github → Gatsby Cloud → Netlify
Custom domain steps: Google Domains → Netlify

The Netlify site works well, but the custom domain will only work for a few minutes, and then it will be down for something like 30min. I have caught the custom domain in a working state a few times, and I was even able to send a Netlify Form, but then it went back to showing DNS errors. This cycle continues to happen, not sure why. Other Netlify and Google Domains websites I have done were up in 10min with no issues, so not sure what is going on in this case.

Hi @ElektrikSpark,

I can see the domain is correctly setup and working. It’s even got the SSL certificate which would not be possible if it was incorrectly configured.

I think what you’re seeing might be some local issue. Would you be able to try this with some other device/network? For example, when you can see the website goes down, maybe you could ask someone else to check too or you could use a service like UptimeRobot or something.

Hey @hrishikesh ,

Thank you for the response! The custom domain seems to be working now. I guess it just needed more time. I tried other devices with no luck, but I can’t definitively say that I tried other networks when testing it.

Nonetheless, the domain works. I will keep my eye on it. Thank you again.