Custom domain error

We’re receiving the error “Another site is already using this domain” when we’re trying to add a custom domain “” for the site “sad-feynman-f22f67”. We already removed that old project with that custom domain, but after more than 48 hours we’re still unable to add this custom domain.

Could you please let us know how to solve this?


Hi there,

Another customer (someone named Giuseppe) has a configured the hostname on their site, which will prevent anyone other than him from using the domain on another account. Do you know him? If so we can help you consolidate to a single account, or he could agree that you can use other names under his domain on your site, but we will need to get his permission or your proof that you own the domain to allow you to use the name.

Our access controls were updated a month or two ago to disallow reuse across accounts to protect domain owners from other customers “squatting” on their subdomains.

Hello, thanks for the reply. Giuseppe it’s me, I’m writing from a company account at the moment, because we started to use this a while ago. Maybe I can send you an email from my own email’s company account, to prove my identity? If you have anything else to suggest, please let me know.


Sure, we can help with that.

Could you please create a DNS record with name of type TXT with the value verified for thread ? That will prove that the domain owner approves of the site and we can help you adjust settings to allow two accounts to use it.

Or, you could remove all names from your personal account, and it would be allowed to be used on your business account :slight_smile:

I removed the custom domain from the personal account and this allowed the custom subdomain to be added to the business account.

Thank you!