Custom domain connection to netlify not working


I’m having trouble connecting my custom domain to netlify. In my domain portal on my external dns service, its nameservers are pointing to the given netlify servers. However, Netlify keeps saying ''Check DNS configuration"


Hi @thefaxepower

When you click on that error message, it displays additional information. Have you done what it says yet?

Also, you might find more help in one of the articles found on this page: [Support Guide] Compiled resources for custom domains on Netlify and DNS settings -- start here!

@elden Yes of course, the nameservers on the hosting point to these 4 netlify servers.

When I check your whois, I see this:

So, you need to contact your registrar to activate the domain.

Wow absolutely did not see any emails from this governing dns insitute, will check, thanks for clarifying!