Custom domain/Billing

Dear Netlify Team,

Id have a question related to the custom domain. Id like to set up one for a year. But it says that the domain registration will auto-renew for the second year. Would it be possible to do it only for a year?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, @annakassai. The short answer is “yes”.

After you register the domain, just click the button that says “Disable auto-renewal”. If you do that, the domain will begin the expiration process once the year is up and you won’t be billed for it again.

One that thing I want to mention - you can register domains anywhere and use them with Netlify. Registering the domain with us isn’t mandatory. Using any third-party registrar will also work and then you can connect the domain to the Netlify site using one of the two method below:

If you register the domain using Netlify, then the second option above (Netlify DNS) is automatically enabled.

If there are other questions, we’ll be happy to answer.