Custom domain as alias instead of forwarding to (external DNS)

We recently switched our DNS service from Netlify to Google domains. We’d like to keep it hosted on Google. To set up the DNS records, I set them like so:

@ A →
www CNAME →

In Netlify, I set as our primary domain and to redirect to the primary domain.

When I enter in my browser, it forwards to I would like it to show or in the address bar, but it shows I may be willing to sacrifice performance in order to show the custom url in the browser address bar instead of the default subdomain.

How can I make sure our custom url is displayed in the browser address bar when people visit our site?

I can see that is redirected perfectly to and not This might be a local caching issue and might yield different results when you try using a different browser/device/network. Please try and let us know if it’s still not working.

You’re right. It works as expected on my phone’s browser. It must be a cache issue. Thanks!