Custom DNS with goDaddy

Hi all,

I just bought a domainname by GoDaddy for my wife. I have here website hosted on netlify and I tried to change the DNS in Godaddy to the ones Netlify gave me. Howerver when I try to save my records in Godaddy I get this error The specified data cannot be used. Correct this and resubmit your request.

I have really no idea why it cannot be saved but it looks like the dns records do not exist for some reason?

Anyone else with this issue?

Thanks in advance


Hey Edwin,

A screenshot might be useful, so we can see what you’re entering, on what screen, when you get the error. This is what the setup for my test domain at godaddy looks like. PLEASE NOTE that your list of nameservers will likely be SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT (the p0x part will have a different X):