Custom CMS previews work locally but not online

I have custom CMS previews on my site that seem to work when I’m developing locally, using localhost but after build they don’t seem to work at all. I’ve checked to make sure that I’m deploying the exact same site that Im seeing locally and it is the exact same but still, the previews will not work after build.

My current site is [] this is where the previews do not work.
I’ve managed to trace back to the last deploy where the previews worked online, here is the git branch []

Would appreciate some help with this strange problem.

@kylesloper What exactly isn’t working? There are no errors on the page from missing assets.

I have set up custom CMS previews. The previews have only started to work on localhost for some reason; The CMS previews do not show up on the live site (after site build).

Screenshot of CMS previews in localhost (how its meant to look

Screenshot of CMS previews on the live site. As you can see none of the custom styles work

@kylesloper I’m stumped. Neither of these resembles what I see when I visit your site.

Top of the page:

Bottom of that same page:

FWIW, the GTMetrix preview image is what I see in my browser when visiting directly.

You should download the deployed site and compare the code against the build code you have locally for clues about where things are going awry.

Since this topic is of Netlify CMS, /admin would be where the issues are.
I’ll do what you’ve advised and compare the code with the latest working deploy.
Cheers for your help

If there are any users that are familiar with Netlify CMS then their help would be appreciated since I’m sure this has already happened to someone else.

You are trying to register a css file from an _includes folder that I’m guessing won’t be available after the site is built.

The css file that I think your referencing: inline.css is used thoughout the entire site.
Inline.css affects the non Netlify CMS pages so I think it still works after build. Besides like I explained, this is only a new issue. It was only yesterday that the previews were working.


I Have opened an issue on the Eleventy Github here

I think this might be a common issue with ssg’s since Gatsby is also affected

For anyone looking for a possible solution: