Current site not being indexed by Google

Hello everyone. I am having one serious issue for a few weeks. Maybe my issue is not directly connected to this forum but if anyone has any solution then kindly help me to solve the issue. I have one tech blog named Silicophilic on WordPress. But for a few weeks, some articles are not indexing on Google. I have even contacted the Google Webmaster Forum but they are not helping with possible solutions. Now, can you guys tell me what are the possible reasons behind it? And how can I solve this issue?
If I switch from WordPress CMS to Netlify CMS, will this solve the problem? Please help me with your positive feedback.

Not really, rather you’ll have a lot more problems to deal with at first. In the long run, it might get fixed though.

Netlify CMS is not a direct alternative to Wordpress. Wordpress usually handles the content as well as the site, but Netlify CMS only handles the content. You need to write code to convert the content to HTML. This would probably take a lot of time and effort. But if you do this, it might work better for you in the long run.

Hi Emmet, no, switching from WordPress won’t help you with this problem, how Google indexes your sites is unrelated to what CMS you’re using. You can rank well in search engines with Wordpress too. I’d suggest you consult a SEO specialist for your problem, indexing issues could come from technical problems (for example, some issues with canonical tags, robots.txt, robots tags etc.) or that your site was affected by one of the recent Google core updates.

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