CSV form export stopped including 2 fields

My form previously worked as expected. Without any site changes, it now fails to include 2 fields in the CSV export.

The automated email includes those fields as expected.

The site in question is: Customize your Tiny Fuzz Illustrator Series guitar pedal
and the fields that are missing are upgrade_footswitch and sticker

This seems like a problem or a change on netlify’s end since I haven’t made any changes. Please advise. Thanks!

hmm, interesting! when was this last known to be working properly?

to my knowledge, we haven’t shipped any changes recently that might impact this, but, if i can narrow the time window down a bit, i can give a better answer.

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I have an export from April 22 where it worked correctly, and yesterday (April 28) is when I noticed it was missing 2 columns.

I double-checked again just now and it’s still missing columns.

Hey @mstratman,

We’re seeing 1 more person report this at the moment and have escalated it to the engineers to look at it. We would follow-up with you as we have more information.

Hey @mstratman,

This has been fixed. If you trigger another submission to your form now and download the CSV, it should have all the data that you need.

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Thanks for the quick attention and getting it fixed. I expected the issue, especially with it being a free plan, to be ignored or heaped on a pile to languish for years (as is dreadfully the case on so many service platforms).

I’m definitely far more inclined to subscribe/upgrade later when the need arises. Thanks again!

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