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CSS Styling not rendering fully after deploying on Netlify

hi my site css is not building properly, even its ok on localhost but breaks on netlify

Hi there, glad you found us! :wave:

Before we can help you, we need a little more information on the issues you are facing.

Please tell us:

  • the name of your build instance: “example-jones.netlify.com
  • what you are trying to accomplish
  • what you have already tried
  • any error messages you have received in your terminal window or in the developer console
  • if the error occurs in one browser / machine or multiple

Thank you

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url of my app is https://zealous-boyd-af86cb.netlify.app/, can you please look into it. The app which I have deployed is rendering properly in localhost but when I upload it , its not rendering properly

You’re trying to load styles directly from your bower components folder after your site is build. If you try to build your site locally, you will get the exact same result, so this is not a Netlify issue actually.

I think Bower needs tags like <!-- bower:css --> to tell it what to build and not. I’m not sure how it works though, I’ve never used it.